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Welcome to Hint of Mint! We're glad to be sharing with you some of the best Syrian food. We are a Calgary based home-operated Middle Eastern food business. We make and sell you fresh dips, salads, and pita chips; all that are made with fresh and high quality ingredients and contain no preservatives. Our items are vegan, vegetarian, and most are gluten free. We'll deliver to your door or happily welcome you to pickup from our location! We are also occasionally at some Farmer's Markets around the city. Made with a lot of love and care, the food is made only a day or two before you receive it.


"My journey with cooking started when I moved as a student to Canada in 2007. I grew up eating some of the best food but had no idea how to make anything. It took 3 tries before I could make a half decent omelette. After some time, practice, and experimentation, I discovered the joys of cooking and became better at it, and even better over the years since. What I love most about it is that it's a creative process with no limitations as to what you can invent and how it can play on an abundance of flavours and textures. I feel like a scientist in a lab sometimes when I'm cooking as I like to improvise and innovate usually rather than follow a recipe. The other part of it is sharing the food with others. Food is often equated with love in Middle Eastern culture, and hence sharing an abundance of it is a form of  hospitality and care.

I'm a teacher, and during Covid's first lockdown, I started cooking even more, sharing my creations with family and friends, and at one point thought "Hey it would be cool too share my food with other people too someday". From there, the idea was born to turn this passion into a business. And after several months of research, planning, learning, certification, and preparing, Hint of Mint was launched on August 26, 2020. At this point, it is a solo operation, and I see it one day growing further.


I would like to expose Calgarians to a larger variety of  Middle Eastern food of  no artificial additives, and my personal creations, and I promise to share with Calgarians quality food with the finest of flavours and utmost care."

                                                                                                                                     ---Rayya Nouri, owner & chef

Hint of Mint

Middle Eastern Cuisine

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